Holly Harman

hh 2016 3 Holly Harman has a first degree in Psychology and is a Registered Mental Health Nurse. She worked in clinical and senior leadership roles in various acute mental health settings within the National Health Service for 20 years and now works as an independent consultant in both the public and private sectors.

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Deb Harman

photoDeb Harman is a  certified Holotropic Breathwork practitioner and facilitates at Grof Transpersonal Training modules around the world - as well as offering regular workshops and individual Holotropic Breathwork sessions in Hemel Hempstead and Chesham. She is passionate about the possibilities and hope this transformative work offers. Deb is currently practicing as a Craniosacral Therapist.

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Associated facilitators

Some of our fellow breathwork facilitators you may meet at our workshops.

Aniko Kocsis

2014 07 11 12.36 Aniko Kocsis originally from Hungary, has been living in the UK  for 11 years. Aniko is a certified holotropic breathwork practitioner who regularly facilitates at HolotropicUK workshops. She has a deep interest in shamanism, dreams and working with plant medicine and altered states of consciousness. Aniko is a qualified primary school teacher, and holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Jungian psychology and Healing Practice, she is also a qualified massage therapist and Reiki practitioner.

Aniko currently works with people who have learning disabilities.

Marianne Murray

img 3583 1024x682Marianne Murra has a Ph.D in Transformative Learning and Change in Human Systems, and an MA in Transpersonal Psychology. She is on the faculty of the Academy for the Love of Learning in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Marianne has been actively involved with Holotropic Breathwork since 1988 and was certified as a facilitator in 2001. She began offering workshops in the UK in 2004 and has since become part of the GTT facilitation team, working in England, India, Ukraine, the USA, and elsewhere when the opportunity arises.

Tim Read

image012Tim Read is a medical doctor, psychotherapist, and consultant psychiatrist in independent practice in London. He led the Crisis Intervention Service and the Psychiatric Liaison service for twenty years at the Royal London Hospital, UK. He has held administrative posts such as Clinical Director and College Tutor; he is a Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and member of the Psychiatry and Spirituality group. Tim holds degrees in neuroscience and in medicine, has completed trainings in psychoanalytical with  Institute of Group Analysis and transpersonal psychotherapy with Grof Transpersonal Training. He is a qualified holotropic breathwork facilitator.

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Jamie Mills

Jamie is medical doctor, and enjoys the  blend of the left brain scientific  process,  the right brain intuitive process that Holotropic Breathwork requires, and how this can be carried in ones heart into the world.  Having started Holotropic breathwork in 2012 he became a certified Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator in 2016, and facilitates regularly in the UK. He has a deep interest in altered states of consciousness, plant medicines and all aspects of Medicine work and how this can be applied for healing

Nora McDonnell

Nora is a secondary school teacher in the west of Ireland and enjoys bringing the  holotropic perspective to her everyday interactions with young people. She has been involved with Holotropic Breathwork since the late nineties and certified as a GTT facilitator in 2011. Since then she has facilitated at workshops and training modules in Ireland, England, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, the Ukraine and Austria.   Nora is also a freelance facilitator and enjoys travelling to share in the Holotropic Breathwork experience in all its capacities wherever it takes her. She sees Holotropic Breathwork as a way of life rather than just something she does.