Craniosacral Therapy in Chesham, Bucks

Sessions take place in a lovingly created space in the Chiltern countryside, just outside Chesham.

The environment is friendly, grounded and reflective of subtle nature of this work in support of the healing process.

One of the first things that clients tend to notice a deep sense of relaxation.

This can often last throughout the session and for a few days after.

In a typical Craniosacral Therapy session you will normally lie fully-clothed on the treatment couch. Pillows and blankets are used to ensure you are warm and comfortable.

No manipulation or pressure is applied to the body, just a light touch.

Because Craniosacral Therapy is non-invasive, gentle and safe it is suitable for all ages.

Contact details and fees:

To make an appointment please contact me (Deb Harman) at:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call me on: 07835679246

First session £65 (75 mins)

Subsequent sessions £55 (50 - 60 mins)

You will be asked to complete short information/medical form before your first treatment

Please note: Cancellation with less than 24 hours notice requires payment of full fee. However, genuine mitigating circumstances will always be taken into consideration.